Get the Right Sizes for Your Kids’ Designer Shoes and Clothing

There are plenty of options available when it comes to picking clothes for your kids these days. What’s more? Designer clothing is not just a preserve of the adults anymore. Many parents want to give their kids the best, even when it comes to clothing. It can be hard, however, to know the right sizes of clothing that you can get for your kids. Kids designer clothes shop at Tiny People has a sizing chart so you can plan ahead and have the clothes you need for your child which are of the right size. Getting the right size if you just go by the age range doesn’t always work out. You need to get the child’s height right in order for everything to fit in snugly.


·         Newborns are generally size 0-3 months. This is the smallest size available unless you get preemie clothes. They will fit realistically not just for 3 months but also for 1-2 month old babies.

Size 3-6 months

·         The next size for kids designer clothes shop at Tiny People is 3-6  months. These will fit probably to 4-5 months.

Size 6-9 months

·         These will fit from around 5-9 months of age. Look closely at individual clothing line designers to see if the sizes run big or small. Not all clothes are sized the same way by various designers.

Size 9-12 months

·         This size will fit usually from 8 months to around 12 months. It is not an exact science but always go over the sizing chart for kids designer clothes shop at Tiny People.

The sizes then jump to a size 1 and go all the way up to 12 at the kids designer clothes shop at Tiny People. It goes on an average of one size per year of age. You need to measure the weight and height and not go bases off of that.

Designer shoe sizes

Measuring your child’s shoe size can be a challenge. The easiest way is to get it done by a shoe salesperson or do it yourself at home. You can grab a piece of paper and measure with a ruler to see. Mark the heel and the largest toe in centimeters to get an exact size. Sizes for kids designer clothes shop at Tiny People include the following:

·         9-12months size 5 in US/Australia sizes

·         12-18 months size 5 1/2 in US/Australia sizes

·         18-24 months size 6 in US/Australia sizes

·         Age  2 is size 7/8 in US/AU

·         Age 3 is size 9/9.5 in US/AU

·         Age 4 is size 10 in US/AU

·         Age 5 is size 11 in US/AU

·         Age 6 is size 12 in US/AU

·         Age 7 is size 13 in US/AU

·         Age 8 is size 13.5 to size 1 in US/AU

·         Age 9 is size 2 in US/AU

·         Age 10 is size 3 in US/AU

·         Age 11 is size 3.5 in US/AU

·         Age 12 is size 4 in US/AU

Shopping for Designer Kids’ Clothes

Your kids deserve clothes that will last for the few months that you need them. Kids designer clothes shop at Tiny People guarantees quality clothing that will last. You get what you pay for when you buy here. The shoes are all hand-crafted and all items are designed by top designers. Check them out below at:

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