Why You Should Wax Instead of Shave

Being that it’s winter in Australia right now, you could say it’s the perfect time to travel to somewhere warm and sunny. There are many things you’ll have to prepare for the trip though, and that includes your beach body. You don’t necessarily have to tone your abs, but you’re likely thinking of getting rid of any highly visible hair. While a quick shave sounds like a good solution, you’ll find that the waxing Brunswick salons offer would be the smarter option. Here’s why:

· It offers longer lasting results

Shaving only cuts off the shaft visible on the surface of your skin. But strands actually grow from the follicle below the epidermis. This is why fuzz grows back in just a week when you shave. On the other hand, Brunswick waxing removes hairs from the root so they take longer to grow back—around three to four weeks.

· It provides a smoother outcome

The waxing Brunswick salons have tends to weaken the follicles. This can lead to hairs growing much thinner so they’re easier to pull out. The removal procedure eventually becomes less painful so the surface won’t end up as irritated as before. The final result is that you won’t have the dreaded ‘chicken skin’ while showing off your body. Just make sure you avoid applying any lotion for 48 hours after the hair removal though.

· It helps to get rid of dead skin

When you arrange for waxing in Brunswick, you’re not only removing the hair, but you’re also exfoliating your skin. As the wax is pulled off from your skin, dead cells are taken away with them. You are then left with a brand-new layer of skin which you’ll notice feels super smooth after the procedure.

· It means lesser chances of ingrown hairs

In using a razor to remove visible strands, the ends of the shafts become blunt and can get trapped under the skin. They may even start growing in circles or sideways. When this happens, you may be face-to-face with an infection. These are more likely to occur in the bikini area which is the last place where you want to experience pain. Visit at Honey Wax and Tan

· It enables you to save time

During your first experience with waxing Brunswick has to offer, the procedure may take a bit longer as the specialist tries to go at the pace you’re most comfortable in. You can expect your next few sessions to be quick. A Brazilian wax will take 20 to 30 minutes at most for results that last for weeks. Shaving may only take you 10 minutes, but you’re going to have to do it more often. So, it may be that you’re actually spending an hour every month shaving.

As you can see, waxing tops shaving by a mile. But it has to be done by a specialist if you want to enjoy the full benefits listed above. Don’t try to DIY it, especially if it’s going to be your first time.

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